Spending Out of Control!

Image of 100 dollar bills because spending is out of control

The current sheriff’s administration has mismanaged the inmate welfare fund.
Joyce Farmer, a perfect candidate for the position of Fulton County Sheriff,
stands out as a beacon of change amid growing concerns about the alleged
mismanagement of the inmate welfare fund under the current sheriff.

Farmer brings a commitment to transparency and accountability. Her platform
emphasizes a thorough investigation into the reported mismanagement, with a
pledge to implement stringent financial oversight measures to prevent such
occurrences in the future.

Farmer’s candidacy resonates with those seeking a leader who not only addresses
the immediate issues at hand but also advocates for a more responsible and
ethical approach to law enforcement finances.

As a candidate, she emphasizes the importance of public trust through community
outreach and ensuring that funds designated for inmate welfare are used
judiciously to uphold the values of fairness, intregrity, and community well-being.

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