Morale At An All-Time Low

Image of a sheriff

Dissatisfaction with working conditions, concerns about leadership, lack of
support, and increased stress.

Joyce Farmer stands poised to positively impact the morale of deputies within the
county. Recognizing the essential role that law enforcement plays in the
community, Farmer advocates for a holistic approach to leadership that prioritizes
the well-being and morale of deputies.

She envisions fostering a supportive work environment through open
communication channels, regular feedback sessions, and initiatives aimed at
acknowledging and addressing the challenges faced by law enforcement officers.

Farmer believes in investing in professional development opportunities, mental
health resources, and community engagement programs to create a sense of pride
and purpose among the deputies.

Joyce Farmer aims to instill a renewed sense of camaraderie and job satisfaction
within the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office by emphasizing transparency,
accountability, and a commitment to their overall welfare, ultimately contributing
to a more effective and resilient law enforcement team

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