We Need A New Sheriff

Joyce Farmer Has A Plan to Save Lives, Save Taxpayers Money & Save Fulton County

Joyce Farmer a new sheriff 4

We need a new jail, but first we need a new Sheriff; I am ready to serve you as your
new Sheriff. Effective leadership is paramount in addressing the challenges faced
by a law enforcement agency. 

We face a pivotal choice: either contribute to the solution or perpetuate the 
problem. The alarming rate of fatalities in the county jail demands immediate
reversal. It is clear that the current sheriff is an obsticle, and we urgently need
a new sheriff to lead us in a different direction.

In the context of Fulton County, this sentiment rings true, and Joyce Farmer
emerges as the ideal candidate for the position of sheriff.
Farmer brings with her a vision of transformative leadership that goes beyond
structural changes, emphasizing the need for a sheriff who can instill trust,
transparency, and accountability within the department.

Her commitment to addressing issues like inmate welfare, officer retention, and
community engagement reflects a comprehensive approach to law enforcement.
By cultivating a positive and progressive culture within the Sheriff’s Office, Joyce
Farmer stands poised to bring about meaningful change and ensure that the
county’s law enforcement system is effective and aligned with the community’s
values and needs


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